I don’t do anything all day long while the kid’s in school.

Nope, I don’t do a damned thing.
This morning I dropped off my daughter at her school and came home and spent about fifteen minutes on the phone with a contractor and then emailed tenants to ask them to let me know if it would be ok if I had the new countertops for their kitchen installed this week. (This will, of course, mean that for several hours, I will be in their apartment, making sure everything goes ok.) I had a 9.30 appointment to have a windowsill installed in our kitchen window. It’s been windowsill-less for, oh, two years? And this is a deep sill — 17″ deep. So the sight of it, unfinished, is deeply unattractive, and god knows how much heat has been evaporating out of the house as the result of the work being unfinished. But the contractor has been a pain in the ass to work with. Nonetheless: ok, today’s the day. 9.30 comes and goes, no windowsill guys… but then, finally, at 9.45, they show up.

Then we discover that if they install the sill, it’ll mean we’re not able to operate the cranks that open our casement windows. So they have to go outside and re-mill (is that a word? is it correct?) the slab of marble so that it is shallow enough to fit into the little slot where it needs to go.

I have an actual, paid writing gig that I want to finish up today, but I know I can’t do it with these guys crashing around in here, so I’m working on this post instead. Things I’ve not yet done today, as the result of all this mishegas:

eaten breakfast; run dishwasher, filled with dishes from yesterday and the day before; laundry; read the two newspapers I do, yes, read every day without fail.
It’s now 10.30. I’d hoped to spend some time today baking hamantaschen, but it might have to wait. When I do, though, I’ll get back to you all. We’re going to be doing poppy-seed. I am very excited about it.


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