9 Bonne Maman Jars, and Not an Ounce of Jam.

I counted, last week: I had nine Bonne Maman jam jars in my refrigerator, and not one of them was holding jam. What is in these jars: Leftover bits of this and that. Shall I make a list?

Bamboo shoots; chocolate ganache; the last of the caramel I burned at the end of December; leftover coffee; pickled ginger; coconut chocolate cooky crumbs; chicken fat; raspberry sauce; raspberry vinegar.

I decided that this was all rather a bit ridiculous, and tried to think what I could make for dinner that would use up at least one of these jars. I’d bought some boneless chicken breasts for Shabbat dinner, and had a vague plan to braise them in a barbecue sauce when it occurred to me that I could use the caramel and the coffee in the sauce.

So I did. Now we’re down to seven Bonne Maman jars, we have some wonderful leftover chicken (I’ll be shredding the rest of it this evening to serve over rice noodles, converting them to some kind of Thai or Malaysian type of thing), and I’m starting to be able to see light inside the refrigerator.


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